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Natural antioxidants for edible oils and cosmetics


Binalood Golden Oil Co.

Is a renowned top producer of animal feed in the eastern region of Iran. Additionally, they’re known for their rapeseed oil production, which contains beneficial omega-3 fatty acids.


Sepid Dasht Neyshabour Co.

Operates as the largest and most modern cotton refining factory in the area, contributing significantly to the cotton industry.




A subsidiary (R&D) of Binalood Golden Oil Company is on the cusp of introducing a groundbreaking product – natural antioxidants designed for use in edible oils and the cosmetic industry.


Binalood Golden Oil Company, a leading entity in the eastern region of Iran, has carved a distinguished niche for itself in the agricultural sector. As a top producer of animal feed, it plays a pivotal role in supporting the region’s farming community and agribusinesses. Beyond animal nutrition, Binalood Golden Oil Co. also boasts the production of rapeseed oil enriched with omega-3 fatty acids. This added value not only contributes to the growth of the agricultural sector but also promotes healthy dietary options by providing omega-3-enriched rapeseed oil.

Under the umbrella of Binalood Golden Oil Company, Sepid Dasht Neyshabour Co. operates as the largest and most modern cotton refining factory in the region. Its state-of-the-art facilities and cutting-edge technology make it a prominent figure in the cotton industry. The refined cotton produced by Sepid Dasht Neyshabour caters to various sectors, including textiles and manufacturing, and upholds a high standard of quality, solidifying its position as a crucial contributor to the textile and manufacturing sectors in the region.

Herbanol, another subsidiary (R&D) of Binalood Golden Oil Company, is poised to introduce a game-changing product to the market. Currently in its pre-production stage, Herbanol is gearing up to revolutionize the industry by producing natural antioxidants. These antioxidants are set to be pivotal in preserving the quality of edible oils and invigorating the cosmetic industry. Herbanol’s commitment to natural solutions aligns with its vision to provide sustainable, eco-friendly options that will significantly enhance product quality in these critical sectors, generating considerable anticipation and interest in the industry.

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    • Minimizing carbon emissions and adopting eco-friendly technologies.
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    • Holding suppliers and partners to ethical standards throughout the supply chain.
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    • Regularly reporting on sustainability efforts and ethical progress.

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    • Promoting diversity in hiring, leadership, and decision-making processes.

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Essential Oils


Essential oils are concentrated, aromatic liquids derived from plants, primarily obtained through a process called steam distillation. The name of each essential oil typically reflects the plant it comes from. These oils can be either a single product or a blend of fragrant or even odourless substances. The key characteristics of essential oils are their volatility and strong aroma.

The composition of essential oils is quite diverse and can vary significantly. This variation is often due to genetic factors, as well as environmental influences like climate, rainfall, and the geographical location where the plants grow. The primary components of essential oils are lipophilic (fat-soluble) and highly volatile secondary metabolites from plants, mainly mono- and sesquiterpenes.

In addition to these, essential oils may contain other compounds such as coumarins, anthraquinones, and alkaloids. These substances are typically volatile and can be distilled. However, some components like certain diterpenes, fats, and other nonvolatile compounds can also be present in essential oils, but they are usually extracted using methods other than distillation.

Essential oils are widespread in aromatherapy, where they are valued for their purported therapeutic properties, and in various industries like perfumery, cosmetics, and even natural medicine. Their strong, distinct scents and chemical properties make them versatile for various applications.


The use of natural antioxidants is a leading trend in cosmetics, effectively countering the effects of free radicals that cause wrinkles and skin damage. Cosmetic formulations incorporate various plant extracts like green tea, rosemary, and grape seed, which are rich in beneficial compounds. In the oilseed industry, a steadfast commitment to quality in seed cultivation and extraction yields high-quality products that significantly benefit health and agriculture. This dedication to excellence also extends to the production of vegetable oils, placing a strong emphasis on nutrition and antioxidants. Collectively, these developments underscore the growing role of natural antioxidants in cosmetics and the unwavering commitment to quality in both oilseed and vegetable oil production.

Natural Antioxidants in Cosmetics

Many cosmetics that are marketed nowadays often contain antioxidants as the active ingredients. It is known that oxidation reactions could produce free radicals, which can start chain reactions that will damage skin cells. Increasing the amount of free radicals could initiate the wrinkling, photoaging, elastosis, drying, and pigmentation of the skin. Topical antioxidants could terminate the chain reactions by removing the free radical intermediates and inhibit other oxidation reactions by being oxidized themselves; this could defend the skin against the environmental stress caused by free radicals.

It is well known that plants can produce natural antioxidant compounds that can control the oxidative stress caused by sunlight and oxygen. Many patents and commercial cosmetic products have various combinations of plant extracts. Cosmetic formulations usually contain various combinations of many plant extracts, for example, green tea, rosemary, grape seed, basil grape, blueberry, tomato, acerola seed, pine bark, and milk thistle. These plant extracts contain natural antioxidants, that is, polyphenols, flavonoids, flavanols, stilbens, and terpenes (including carotenoids and essential oils). Some commercial products contain pure natural compounds such as quercetin, kojic acid, and resveratrol in their formulation.

The choice of the right active plant extracts or compounds, the confirmation of their activity, and their stability and synergistic effects in cosmetic products are the important factors for the formulation of an effective product.

Source: doi.org/10.1016/B978-0-444-59603-1.00015-1


We take pride in its role as a producer of high-quality oilseeds. We adhere to the highest global quality standards throughout the process, from the cultivation of selected seed varieties to the meticulous extraction.

Our cultivation methods are marked by attention to detail and responsible farming practices, ensuring the growth and harvesting of the finest seed varieties. Similarly, our extraction process is conducted with precision to maintain the nutritional value of the oilseeds, benefiting your health and overall well-being.

Beyond our commitment to quality, we also contribute to the growth of the agricultural sector. When you choose Herbanol for your oilseed needs, you are choosing a reliable source of top-quality products that align with our dedication to excellence. Experience the difference in high-quality production by partnering with us.

Vegetable Oils

Our vegetable oils are the epitome of quality, crafted with meticulous care to meet and exceed world standards. From the selective cultivation of premium crops to our precise extraction methods, every step is geared towards ensuring the finest quality. We adhere strictly to global standards, ensuring that each drop of our vegetable oil is a testament to our commitment to excellence.

Beyond just meeting standards, our vegetable oils are rich in nutrition and antioxidants, contributing positively to health and well-being. Whether used in culinary applications, as dietary supplements, or in skincare, our oils offer a harmonious blend of quality, nutritional value, and purity. This commitment positions our products not just as a choice but as a benchmark for quality in the vegetable oil industry.


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